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No. 1417: Jan Aage Torp: "Destructive environment of social media and the press that worships" free speech "so that it drives people to suicide and I through the last six or seven months has been on the brink of suicide on three occasions!"

No. 1417:
Jan Aage Torp: "Destructive environment of social media and the press that worships" free speech "so that it drives people to suicide and I through the last six or seven months has been on the brink of suicide on three occasions!"

It does matter in Borgating Court of Appeal, which we are taking on April 5, 2017.
See here: http://blog.janchristensen.net/2016/07/nr-1594-berammelse-for-rettsaken-mellom.html

But it is the wrong guy to sit there, the right man is arguably the manipulator and the mockery apostle Jan Aage Torp.
He is guilty of many, many crimes and much more. Therefore, this is not anything other than Christianity persecution against me. Torp belong in jail when he has destroyed so many people, including his own family!

Photo by Jan Aage Torp, who treats his glorious son Anders Torp, in such a way that words are inadequate!

Had CPS known what they know today, so had Torp and his then-wife Ann-Christin Düring Woll been deprived of all the kids I'm convinced. That Torp now running campaign after campaign against BV is just sick, sick and staying sick!

Here writes Jan Aage Torp that it is "destructive environment of social media and the press that worships" free speech "so that it drives people to suicide."

About himself he says, inter alia, this: "so that it drives people to suicide and I through the last six or seven months has been on the brink of suicide on three occasions!"

How to interpret this? Here it is that it is "it is" destructive environment of social media! "That is the reason, why Torp now want to commit suicide?

This asserts himself, but it is the truth that there are other reasons that he will commit suicide?
Yes I believe. It is first and feet of Jan Aage Torp his own life, which makes him now would commit suicide. Scripture says that as we sow, so we reap!

In other words, all those destructive things as Jan Aage Torp comes with.
Whether it is alleged harassment, suicide, bullying, injustice etc.
All these are things which he has directed against everyone else, coming back at him. As we sow, so we reap, the man here has sown in his own flesh.

Police and the Oslo District Court. Norway today and others go for the temptation with Jan Aage Torp and "stands" on his page tells us only one thing, they have been deceived and misled!

Wretches and all that one should be feeling sorry for, and take in defense are all those people and others Jan Aage Torp has attacked.
And realized that he writes on his blog: "destructive environment of social media and the press that worships" free speech "so that it drives people to suicide!"

Here one could not have said it better, the most destructive is nothing except Jan Aage Torp itself. Here fits the saying that there are other one know best themselves. Or should we say the opposite. This description here as Torp make about others, is the perfect description about himself and how he is and how his destructive world and demeanor seems.

It is of course in Jan Aage Torp's family that is the biggest loser here, more than any other. Therefore, in Jan Aage Torp's fight against child protection so incredibly nauseating and ugly!

Jan Aage Torp has a typical narcissistic personality disorder, manipulator of rank with their conniving smile and expression. And false apostle by living in adultery.

We read about fun tag from Wikipedia, it's really describing January Aage Torp, how he really is and he experiences bar to see the "other" side.

Police and Oslo District Court did not allow a call people for this, so that others can and should be spared this. Is alarming. And this by the number of times is also only cheating, it is exaggeration of Torp's side that I've used these words as many times. And secondly, it is when others have defended and asked me about this. I on his blog have responded, in other words. The verdict against me is 120% lies and fabricated.

Luckily I get it up for Borgating Court of Appeal, where the likelihood of acquittal or that the statute against me is very good for those going through. Request this dear friends!

Narcissism can be said to be an umbrella term for conduct relating to an individual's perception of themselves, in relation to the environment.

Narcissism can therefore be both positive developments which the individual is assured of themselves in relation to the environment and the negative nature where the individual experiencing problems in relation to the environment.

The phrase comes from the name of the Greek mythological figure Narkissos, a beautiful youth who was cursed to fall in love with his own reflection next time he saw it in the water of the goddess Nemesis.
Although the term is often perceived with negative adjectives, it also has positive aspects. A narcissistic functioning person, a person with realistic goals and abilities achieve their goals by means that are within the cultural norms.

While narcissism is an expression of the individual's behavior in relation to the environment, is the Self expresses the individual perception of themselves. Because the term narcissism often related to negative adfer d, a narcissist still perceived as a person with narcissism negative adjectives; egocentric, lack of empathy, excessively grandiose self, vulnerable to violations etc. Narcissism is often described as "self-love", which can be both positive and negative character, depending on quality and quantity. Hence comes the description of that one can not love others if we are unable to love themselves. Narcissistic vulnerability is a term that indicates the quality of the individual's narcissism. Low threshold for infringement is often an expression of great narcissistic vulnerability. The most serious cases described as narcissistic personality disorder. Such people react with narcissistic rage by experienced violations of their own Self. Narcissistic rage is an instrumental (targeted) negative behavior, if design is reparation / revenge for the perceived violation. It differs from a more affective aggression by its longer duration and strength, an indication that the underlying causes are not based on momentary affect, but a deeper underlying vulnerability. Narcissistic functioning humans function adequately in relation to others, while people with narcissistic problems, people with various problems in relation to others. An important element within narcissism is the individual's relationships with other people, so-called object relations. These develop from birth and throughout life. The object relations that are developed in early childhood are often indicative of later object relations. Thus experiences in early childhood affect the person's behavior in relation to the environment. Freud used the term primary narcissism of the infant's behavior around the fulfillment of their basic needs for food and safety and secondary narcissism of behavior in which the individual in the absence of confirmation of primary needs, hung again in an attempt to get those confirmed. Behavior around such unsubstantiated requirements (proximity, touch, verification, coping) has been described with negative adjectives, cf. Narcissistic personality disorder. The term "narcissistic rage" means there is a strong (and often uncontrollable) anger that can break up when a person feels that his self-esteem and self-concept is threatened or damaged. With narcissistic offense refers to the events, words, or statements that the person experiences as offensive to the self, and thus triggering a narcissistic rage. People with narsisstiske and antisocial personality traits are more likely to be unfaithful than others. Often acting infidelity on the need for self-affirmation and lack of empathy. (End of quote). I have actually defended the Christian church against a false apostle, protected a family with children and warned there would Jesus warned. And I've hit "nail" on the head. Although -Selbekk have called me a Christian network roll etc. In retrospect, when it turns out that the whole thing is really a conspiracy against me, I have spoken and written straight and true in all things. No almost having given me credit for being right. To do a good deed or something. Why? It is that God's people no longer bear to hear the truth, I'm convinced! Final Comment: Here is the way I see it an obviously sick and dangerous people. We have many, many examples. He has destroyed his own family, married nurses. He has flea people for money and many other things, calling himself Pastor and Apostle. Hated me and the Heavenly blog so much to convey the biblical message that he deceived the police and others with a fictitious lie and review. How can one hold onto. This man is a criminal, and therefore belongs home a place, in prison or under treatment! The review against me are false accusations and it is built on one thing. Torp hatred against my preaching concerning remarriage. As he warps and bowman to report me for something completely different than what provokes him!

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