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No. 1415: As a true Christian, one can not "defend" Jan Kaare Hanvold, who lives a life of dishonor for Jesus Christ!

No. 1415:
As a true Christian, one can not "defend" Jan Kaare Hanvold, who lives a life of dishonor for Jesus Christ!

There are people who come to me and that is quite upset over the treatment that Jan Kaare Hanvold have gotten the last month.
To that I say, who cares? He is now no Christian, but an adulterer of rank!
No, this is so wrong it may have remained. Here is a man who takes himself right, living contrary to God's word. That he gets exposed to something, whatever it might be. It then plays no role, the man is obviously nothing but a wolf in sheep's clothing.

See here for an article I wrote a few years ago:

No. 737:
Jan Hanvold "successful" when Christians were low enough in spirit to accept darkness rather than light! 

I have prayed and thought about some things in the past. That's why things have been turned on its head todayBy that I mean that those who live and walk away from the word of God in the life and teachings of "progress." While those who live and teach in accordance with the word of God is very often uphill at this timeWhat is the reasonThere are plenty more "reasons" for it. But that is divorced and re-married karismatiker with bankruptcies, marriage and other many strange things were going to build a so-called Christian TV channelit is well in excess of what even I thought was going to happen in the end timesBut why and how could this "success" and happen?
Photo of the false prophet Jan Hanvold

Vision Norway and Hanvold over 10 years!

Do not go in depth hereBut Hanvold and Vision Norway has been operating for over 10 years and currently has a turnover so I know the 100 MillionRemember when Vision Norway started it was with great astonishment of Ludvig Karlsen and Evangelisenteret were part of itI knew even then that Hanvold was a mega crook. And he was karismatiker and married for the 3rd time as a believerHow could this happen?

More and more people have supported the Vision Norway.

Eventually came the vast majority of preachers and leaders in particular free-floating by Norway church and was involved there. No as far as I know the preachers fronted contrary Vision NorwayNot in frikirke Norway.
Is there anyone who has been and is contrary Vision Norway?

Yesbut they have been marginalizedBut there's a Facebook group with Sigmund Voll ÅdnøyNo TV Vision NorwayAnd there are others too.

But how can such a false prophet and scam now such forward?

Actually this is not so difficult to insofarjust reflect and think a bit. Hanvold live 100% after their own lustsBut BELIEVE IN JESUS​​!
Here is the answer, this has always appealed and appeals to the old and fallen manWe can live as we wish it"God is with."

I am sensitive to the Spiritor "normal"therefore abhor and hate I Vision Norway!

It is for me very concerned with Vision Norwayis that there is so little interest and desire to debate this in publicShould everything be pushed under the carpet and then God will take care of everythingThis is not at all biblical. We are going through nine judge angels. How much more do not then among believers todayIt is weaknesscowardice and directly against God's word that Hanvold not revealed and put into place as the adultererheresies and false prophet he is.

In discussions and interviews it emerges that there is something wrong with me and others warn, not those that are warned against.

Isaiah 5 Woe to those who call evil good and good evilwho put darkness for light and light for darknesswho put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Amos 5: 7 Those who pervert the right to wormwood, and leave off righteousness in the earth!

I think that here we come to the core of the matterboth this and similarToday, it costs too much to stand up for, and promote unpopular and untimely issues and viewpoints.

Therefore, such "normal" Christians like me become "abnormal". It's okay to live as heterosexual and same companion for life. But to warn against others that do the same, it has become the big bad wolf. To point out another's sinit's been like a mortal sin to rain! Tragic!

I wish I had time setthen had mostly been in order!

Such and similar messages I getPrimarily from the believers. To say anything about the others, especially negative is not allowed. But this is normal and correct? No and again a no!

Should not we stand up for Israel? Yes, but when these and other causes us to tie other people, then it is a deception and to turn aside from the way of the Lord.

There is a lot to graspbut there is a special responsibility to stand with a director and pastoral responsibilities.

It is clear that God's word applies to everyone, but there are those who live dubious and AFK Union Ostrava active life. That they go to church and not otherwise being frozen outit will be triedBut in fact, today there are very often those who dare and are willing to sacrifice themselves and stating in from being ostracizedbanned or warned against. Everything has been turned on its head, and Satan is the profoundly that govern NOW ALL CHRISTIAN NORWAYTHIS HAS BEEN STÅA!

Scripture is fulfilledand no wake or respond. What has happened?

Indifference and sleeping beauty sleep has taken the church of God!

I'm not negative or want to be negative. But it is through adversityfailure and difficulties that we learn to know each otherWe are strong and the winners. This we lose today when everything is just fine just keep quiet and accept everything and everyone, regardless. But the values ​​we should be confrontingWhat we must fight forand against, all is lostor has been lost. What are we left withA ribbed gospel is stripped life and absolutely nothing. And those who have been victims of this, what with themThought only what it costs for those who have experienced Hanvold mindedWith having been married to him etc. They are a victim and can not remarry, while Hanvold "whole world"! Where will this endI look forward to the Millennium when all this will be over, but it should not be so. We as believers must stand and hold together. But it should not be sinners in the congregation of the righteous and community scripture says.

Psalm 1 5 Therefore the wicked shall not stand in the judgmentand not sinners in the congregation of the righteous.

And the world has come into the church to accept and accept Jan Hanvold minded fornicators!

Should stop writing about thisbut it is very important that at least is a saying from, or that all are equally silent and equally silent on this? I'm sure.

I am not better than Jan Hanvoldbut God's word says that Hanvold fornicators!

The speed limit is eg80 kphThere comes a running in 80 and next run at 110 kphWho is the best driver hereIt is completely wrong to talk about good or bad driverbut keeps the speed limit if it is 80 kphWhile others do not like running over. In other wordsit is to remain within its word of God with his life, not least the most important and biggest areas that marriage is.

Final Comment:

I open with this headline: Jan Hanvold "successful" when Christians were low enough in spirit to accept darkness rather than light!

What is it that is so serious with Hanvold and his business vision Norway?

JoPity generates sin. Sin takes away courage and destroys churches. The biggest sins committed often to hide sin. Presumably one can add that the greatest sin against God is to legitimize sin.

That one is concerned with money, and some money. Souls and everything else, so this is an excuse to live as a self lusts and desires, all in the name of Jesus!

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