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No. 1413: Pentecostalism movement, the worst - and the best, that ever happened to me! Part 1

No. 1413:
Pentecostalism movement, the worst - and the best, that ever happened to me! Part 1

Image of the false prophet Kenneth Copeland as well some of the most negative as the Pentecostal charismatic movement has produced.

Pentecostalism movement is a strange movement, for better or worse.
Here we find the best and the worst, which means that many, many people could lose footing in the faith. Yes, apostasy and eternal death is in store for many who started and was in this revival. When they left the faith and the spiritual landscape!

Let me give some examples of the worst.

Aril Edvardsen was and is considered a part of the Pentecostal movement, although he probably never was a Pentecostal?
He prophesied well about every year in Sharon Dal about a great revival, which has never come or come. At the end so was Edvardsen so confused that he several times when he read from the Koran when he preached.
He traveled to Muslims and Catholics, and knew well what he believed and did not believe in the end. For the word of God, he had discarded!
Could written page up and page down. But stop here.

Åge Åleskjær is also a false prophet within its Pentecostalism, though he did not belong to the Pentecostal movement purely formal. He proclaims that the law does not apply, in other words, he believes that an essential part of God's word is not valid today, and not one iota of the law or the prophets would pass away Jesus said. Here is a man who put themselves above God and His word.

The many who are re-married within its pinsevekkkelsen!

It's a form of schizophrenia, duality or dualism. I mean that Pentecostals and charismatics are incredibly biblical on certain points. But as clear as they are biblical in some respects, they are unbiblical other points.
This is a form of schizophrenia, duality or dualism as a rare find so prevalent in our contexts.

Do not know about any relationships that may be as "biblical" on certain points, but as unbiblical other points.

Let me take a few points.

1.) Pentecostals and charismatics believe in prophecy, but to try the prophecies are so-so.

2.) They think "really" on healing, but church discipline tolerate not.

3.) Pentecostals believe in speaking in tongues, but in the same Bible as it stands to speak in tongues. It says that remarriage is adultery for believers. Here one can not believe in the one and exclude the other.

4.) Pentecostals and charismatics believe in one day anything but replacing the lead opinion. So accept the often this without reflecting and discussing a new outlook on things.

5.) Charismatics and Pentecostals was until very welcomed female elders and pastors. Today they are just as much for this, as they were against this before.

6.) Pentecostals and charismatics are talking about unity in the Spirit, but when tier one quiet about it as one disagrees about. But the scripture says the opposite, that we tolerate one another in love with our differences!

7.) Pentecostals and charismatics jumps "belly" of the word of God, saying that God has spoken etc. In other words, if God "speaks" so says the word of God. But this is delusion.

8.) Charismatics and Pentecostals believe that all Christians have the Holy Spirit, yea, even a double portion of the Spirit baptism. But no one is so dependent on having a spiritual guide or Pastor who they can look up to and be guided by.

9.) Pentecostals and charismatics thought before on covered and other things that were not "in". But today there are hardly any Christian movement that is so nærmed "world" in most.

10.) Pentecostals and charismatics believe in a world weakening, but to go into his closet and pray to God. And wait for him until he says go, have been totally alien to the vast majority of Pentecostals and Charismatics today!

Final Comment:

Much - or large parts of the delightful pinsevekkkelsen as T. B. Barratt liked to call the movement he started will end in Babylon - the great whore!

It is by far the most negative with this revival, it started so well. And ended so badly in many ways.

It is not least due the charismatic revival which has now become one with pinsevekkkelsen. Here there is so much falsehood and truth mixed in together, that the negative within its pinsevekkkelsen is how I see it. The most negative, the greatest deception that has been in the entire history of the church. It is the negative wing within its current Pentecostal charismatic movement or apostasy revival!

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