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No. 1407: Christianity Persecution must be expected as a Christian, even in Norway, if it is covert and progress "hidden presence"!

No. 1407:
Christianity Persecution must be expected as a Christian, even in Norway, if it is covert and progress "hidden presence"!

Image of mockery Apostle and scam Jan Aage Torp in prime time on NRK berates and hanging out his own son when his son has realized that the father is not like a father should be and should be!
At Christian Norway have not defended openly son here, is a sin of omission of the worst kind!

2 Tim. 2. 11 It is a trustworthy statement; for we are dead with him, we will and living with him; 12 we endure, we shall reign and with him; we deny, he will also deny us; 13 if we are faithless, he remains faithful; for he can not deny himself.

We can compare the Christian persecution taking place in the western world what Lot experienced. That it was burdensome for his conscience to stand up for what he believed in. Scripture says:

2 Pet. 2. 6 and cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, and thus has made them the figure of the wicked in the future, 7 and delivered just Lot, bothered by the wicked lewdness 8 - for the righteous man dwelling among them, suffered day by day torment in his righteous soul by the lawless deeds he saw and heard.

Lot it says about "suffering day by day torment in his righteous soul"!

This is also a form of Christianity persecution, that we as Christians will live together with people who might make it incredible. As if they did not have any kind of limitations in some areas of life!

I also experienced Christianity persecution, but to explain this is not as simple as I have experienced it have come in from people who purport to be even an apostle but obviously is not, is a false apostle.

Joh. Rev. 2. 2 I know your deeds and your toil and perseverance, and that you can not tolerate evil; you have tested those who say they are apostles, and are not, and you found them liars.

What is Christianity persecution? It is that one gets in somehow persecuted, boycotted, disdained, punished with physical violence, imprisonment, fine or reduction in one or more areas of your life!

In other words, Christianity persecution taking place also in the western world, not just in the Third World!

Let me take an example of this.

Jan Aage Torp which purports to be Pastor, go to Polti with a fictitious review, which is based on some words I should have written. It's my preaching about remarriage and that I have mentioned at him there making sure he hates me and my preaching.

The review will be "imagined" by Polti which unfortunately here is controlled by evil forces can safely say.

In retrospect, as I write about this, and anything printed. So it's 99% that is being written and spoken about this issue for review, but this is what they use against me and will prevail in court with. That it is written and spoken so much about this, but then denies that everything that is written is written AFTER REVIEW.

In other words, it is both a fictional review, and a fictitious judgment!

What makes Jan Aage Torp in the meantime? He encourages Norway 2's web roll to play in the fight against me, and they do it.

That way when they write about the matter again and again. There are, I expect with a 20-30000 hate speech against me from these 2 Norway's largest grid roll, which I have responded as they have support in Jan Aage Torp entirely full and they again are encouraged by Torp to do this!

In other words, everything against me is built up to be able to find fault in me, get me convicted and removed from the network that both was and is Jan Aage Torp's goal against me.

It is also strange, and direct stykt that day, Our Country and Cross Victory has not allowed me to get around to writing either on this matter freely. Or been interviewed. This is also a form of Christianity persecution, that one does not get to come with their version of the case.

Here is one of many statements there Jan Aage Torp encourages Norway 2 biggest and worst web roll, to continue attacking me. something they have been doing through the false Smyrna blog and website Searchlight.

What did Torp? He invented a fictitious review when he hates me to preach what God's word says about ekteksapet.

Secondly, he has received Norway's worst and largest online roll to clergy me that I have responded. Then it is of course amounts of it all.

This is now being used against me for all it's worth, the amount. The only thing they can get taken me on. The whole matter is nothing other than Christianity persecution, nothing else!

Final Comment:

Meanwhile, do not go over me. yes, pray for me and support us and my family. This is also something that is strange how Polti acting. Here they attack my family in several ways, which obviously is a criminal offense. And much else that is punishable. There turns Polti away. But if I write and do nothing, then they follow with. And they also turn the case so that they will get taken me!

Unfortunately, it is sad that both Polti and Oslo District Court has been led by a fool Apostle and fool tag Jan Aage Torp.

But ask for the case to come up in Borgating Court of Appeal 5. April 2017 that there will be a full pardon, or that they send the case back to Polti for an error in law!

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