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No. 1399: Three weeks since the program monetary preacher, not someone has taken up that Jan Kaare Hanvold mortal sin is that he is re-married as a believer, except me and the Heavenly blog!

No. 1399:
Three weeks since the program monetary preacher, not someone has taken up that Jan Kaare Hanvold mortal sin is that he is re-married as a believer, except me and the Heavenly blog!


1 Jn. 5. 16 If any man see his brother sin a sin which is not unto death, he shall ask, and he shall give him life - for them that sin not unto death. There is a sin unto death; it is not about the saying that he should pray. 17 All unrighteousness is sin, and there is a sin not unto death. 18 We know that whosoever is born of God does not sin; but he that is born of God keepeth himself, and the evil touches him.

It's not about Jan Kaare Hanvold has 10 Million on account or 1 Million, which will lead him to destruction and all who follow him!
But it is that he lives in an invalid marriage, he has thus made a sin to death - spiritual death!
We will neither eat or pray for him, but refrain for having anything to do with him! This is a clear Book and clear recommendation and learn!

Double Communications operates the Christian with. It's quite all right to be re-married and living in adultery. But homosekuelle and lesbians, they should be taken for all it's worth! This is hypocrisy!

1 Tim. 3. 2 The overseer therefore must be blameless, husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, dignified, hospitable, apt to teach others
4:01 that govern his own house well, having children in subjection with all gravity 5 - but if a man does not know how to rule his own house, how shall he take care of God's church? - 6 not a novice, lest he be puffed up and fall into the condemnation of the devil. 7 Moreover he must have good testimony from those who are outside, lest he fall into reproach and the snare of the devil. 8 Likewise must the deacons be grave, not doubletongued, not given inclined to much wine, not greedy of paltry gain, 9 Holding mystery of the faith in a pure conscience. 10 Also these shall first be tested; then shall they serve in the church, if they are blameless.

This writes Jan Kaare Hanvold on his Facebook page:

"Then said the same idiots that a cowboy he not rule a country. But Reagan got demolished Berlin Wall and created peace and ending the Cold War. Obama has created a new cold war with Russia, which I'm sure Trump will bring an end to. And to all of you who are so full of hatred for Trump and the United States. As well as all who think otherwise than you. Cease of meaning dictatorship theirs. Have some magnanimity, to believe that democracy in the United States works. The American people have been, to Trump won. Please accept it, even if you lost. The world goes on. Be blessed. "

This is absolutely horrible, but it's not that disqualifies him.
It's Jan Kaare Hanvold morals and ethics, or his lack of morality and ethics that God's word is assumed to be able to call himself a Christian and a preacher!

Following revelations about Jan Kaare Hanvold way of doing Christian activities on the program Focal Point on NRK. Then it died away to see so few, if there is someone who really has pointed out that it is Hanvold theology and lack of morals and ethics by the word of God. That is what disqualifies him as a Christian and preacher.

Jan Kaare Hanvold is re-married for the third time as a Christian, or to put it more correctly. He is married once right and wrong twice! First marriage was right, the other two are living in adultery!

His theology is also totally unbiblical. Hanvold doing villainy and a form of indulgence trade. He is obviously one of the bottle prophets that Jesus said would come in the end times and mislead many.

Here is some of what others have written about Jan Kaare Hanvold online!

Aud Haaland · Mandal, Norway

I submit a complaint about vision Norway that continues and spread heresy - deception and delusion! Theologically they are completely sidelined by God's word. Where is the spiritual leaders in Norway that let this continue ... Why go after you and stroking Jan Hanvold on your back? Why bless you heresy and let a brother continue on of error path? Do you not care for all unstable souls being deceived? Wake up!!!!
I think that all Christian leaders and organizations. That has put the time or are guests must confront this heresy!
The gale is no more just about anything is good. It is all about and take God's word seriously and preach the word just. The "hard" core will still turn ring round vision Norway and stick head in the sand, healing is not a proof that it is right, those who are born again will eventually see that this is deception, certainly not being seduced .. ..but it does not seem anything?

Final Comment:

There is a strange duality around Jan Kaare Hanvold. He may even condemn others, but to point out something that does not match Hanvold life and theology. When driving with hatretorikk and others by Jan Kaare Hanvold opinion and his supporters and sympathizers. Here everything is turned on its head after Hanvold opinions and views. It is not those who speak against Hanvold hateful. But it's Jan Kaare Hanvold and those who encounter Hanvold.

Isa. 5. 20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
20 Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

Was going to stop writing against Jan Kaare Hanvold for this time. But just had to include this. Since many do not realize what's what!
Hanvold sin is his biggest obstacle in life, that he is re-married as a Christian!

Was going to stop writing against Jan Kaare Hanvold for this time. But just had to include this.
Since many do not realize what's what.
Hanvold sin is his biggest obstacle in life, that he is re-married as a Christian!

Of course Hanvold much "good"! This is where seduction is. He covers his own sin to do much "good"! How gullible can be, I ask myself! Do it yourself!

Nr. 78:
Divorce and remarriage is only the tip of an iceberg!

1. Tim. 5. 24 Some people's sins are evident, and precede them to the verdict, but in others they follow after. 25 Similarly, and the good deeds obvious, and that it is not so with, but not hidden.

I have sometimes gone to the frontal attack on divorce and remarriage among the believers in particular, but also in general, I am totally against the loose morals many places for the day today.

But I still think that this is the tip of the iceberg what concerns what is displeasing to God and leading people on the road against the verdict and then the eternal fire which is the total annihilation of all people who have turned their back on God together with Satan, the Antichrist, the false prophet, demons and all the fallen angels!

In Catholic countries is approx. every three separated but in Protestant countries, over half the plate, we include as many not to say most people begin a new relationship, this is a scope of a national and a global catastrophe worse than the bomb and massacre of Anders Behring Breivik if this was horrible!

This goes unnoticed and no almost neither secular or Christian newspapers, websites and whatever environment it had to be take into themselves what this means, call, write and debate about this subject. But why is it so? Will try to give an answer whether it is by no means complete and it is after I wrote this, much more to say about the subject. But I will try to say why it is such as it is with a frequency of divorce and then remarriage is what I would say, a disaster and the world really most suppressed problem? It is my experience, even if it is ought to and should have been natural, right and good to talk to and if so, then the way I experience almost silent in death!

This is meant to be preventive and a warning against remarriage and against sex without passing the God-given marriage between a man and a woman is monogamous for life when it is in the Creator's will and purpose!

1) The mothers fail.

I want to illustrate how mothers fail especially daughters. What happens to many? At puberty, the girls are sexually mature and too many sexual active. But they are not married and is my education. What happens to many? This happens way down in 15-16-17 years of age that encourages mothers and fix things so that their daughters get birth control. Contraception is not for the unmarried, but married that want to limit this to have children, hear it at home and nowhere else. Daughters are the boys in all, and should have been the first to say no to sex before marriage and when one was as young as they are developed 2 years ahead of boys. But mothers should show such an understanding, that one really is Satan's henchman with this. Daughters are led into a demonic disability when they are sex-dependent early as puberty out. I have seen that there are many of those who have an early sexual debut and live like real people from the age of puberty ends up with many factors behind it and is one of those who always also end up with a divorced man in his old age or they are solitary in his old age. This is the fruit of early sex, deterrent, it should be but unfortunately, it is difficult to teach the modern man who is so unruly and will have satisfied their desires whatever it wants.

2) daughters fail.

From one becomes sexually mature at a marriage should be a preparation time for oneself in terms of personal development, training, education, schooling and being a sexual being held. This helps to shape and able set one to be a great wife and a mature mother, but with early sex and all that comes with losing one this is a bad wife, subject and an immature mother in many cases. This is of course not all, but begins a living sexually active before one is married, it ends up like that! This is about sex, contraception and everything else belongs only one place in the marriage and the framework it provides is.
Daughters also fail by not obey their parents here also as there are many responsible parents who are both even is a role model and who say of what is right and what is wrong!

3) Fathers fails.

When one does not keep his trail race itself, as is a poor role model. The man is usually the one that prevail in most things, and women jogged by. But the man has an advantage here, as in a negative direction. He does not need to take responsibility, only hope from partner to partner as a rabbit or kangaroo. It is the man people here in Norway that has up to 10 children with 10 different or something around there. The man must provide for children and his wife, but here is what the state usually comes in and any new men, sad but true! When one takes that in many cases it's not just the father who fails here, but over half of all men know what a marriage is breaking and almost as many people know what it means to start a new relationship. It is the new relationship that the Bible says is adultery, both for the gjengiftede and divorced. Marries a a divorced set one on the same level as the divorced within its God, a being an accomplice.

4) The sons fails.

In adolescence, they have a draw back when the girls are 2 years ahead in development when they come around. 2 years faster in puberty. But it would not have had anything to say when the time forward to marriage and having children is one of development. But too many boys are immature and does not guarantee anything. Adolescence are filled with parties and games, do not meet the time and training. The time before you have to take responsibility for the boys who are about to become men very important. It is the time where one will also get an education and be a breadwinner, but instead of this, a computer game depends on looking at dirty movies and other things so that the relationship one gets to the other sex is looking at her as an object to pleasure, not a person that one should share everything with. The man and woman to each other in a mutually dependent and responsible approach.

5) Community fails.

It's the marriage, our society is founded on. When should and must be an emphasis on stable and lifelong relationship. What one does instead is to allow the most to say anything. Sex is fun and the women object to porn industry is permitted by the authorities, one should not deny the man to satisfy their sinful desires and urges, he can be damaged by the poor and he was then. That this is shameful and unclean no one cares about, there is more to win one to lose it all. What also appears the media and otherwise the tabloid press? It should be a golden mean, but today there is no golden mean more then one really has accepted everything, be it group sex, gay relationships, lesbians relationships, surrogate parents, etc. The list is long if I continue. We Christians and others who are against this decay, there is something wrong with us and we know not what is man's need, but it does if the wise and learned. To say that man has lost his status and become worse than animals, which, after all, follow their instincts, and not just the drives.

6) The church has failed.

The most serious is that the church has failed here to a degree. The church is God's tool No. 1 and we read what Paul says to his young co-worker Timothy:

1. Tim. 3. 15 But if I wait to come, that thou may know how one should walk in the house of God, who is the living church of God, truth, support and foundation.

The church's support of truth and the foundation said it here, but what is the church today? It does not just re-marry, but remarriage among those who will lead the church and to be preachers and others that are of platform services. This is in direct rebellion to God and His holy word as scripture says it is sin to remarry and to have an overseer should be "one woman man."

We all need mercy! But when one has not done what the scripture says, be reconciled with their spouse or live alone and are both one and several new, then it's Sodom and Gomorrah in the church.

7) What do those signs do?

Here is the font really very simple and clear. We read what Paul taught.

1. Cor. 7. 10 They married I command, yet not I but the Lord, that a wife should not separate herself from her husband, 11 but she is separated from him, as she remain unmarried or be reconciled herself with her husband - and that a man does not to separate himself from his wife.

Jesus asked how long shall I suffer you? I think he sometimes asks today, and who does he ask first and who has most responsibility? God's church and those who believe in Jesus, without a doubt. Who has failed the most? Everyone, not least the faithful with shepherds in the lead. To be saved and walk with God is no easy and simple matter in essence, be aware of it, because I think many are not?

1. Pet. 4. 17 For it is now time that the sentence should begin with the house of God, but it begins with us, what will be the end for those who do not want to believe the gospel of God? 18 And it is just difficult saved, where shall it be of the wicked and the sinner?

This live as a faithful and endure to the end. Get full pay and be left having done all, is very difficult, therefore, who believes he is sure that he \ she does not fall. There are also many who have won major victories out there but still lost the match when the marriage and the family falling apart and get the rough treatment. This is something all of us to experience, not least those in a public service of God and other people. Therefore I will quote to end a alvorsord given by Brother Paul to his young and somewhat inexperienced staff and contrary Timothy.

1. Tim. 5. 8 But if any provide not for his own, and most of his household, he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.

Now there have been many strict and harsh words, but we all need grace, it is safe and proven. I myself come from a non believer home and know that the way forward with God and live as he will not always liked the light. But we must keep the biblical ideals and strive all of us to live accordingly. It is to live like real people in a lifelong marriage between one man and one woman. Some say we are A 4 men and dark men. I think it is so far from the truth it is possible to get. It's great to go with him and the way he commanded us to go, did you also to join, there is always room for more, we only reads the Bible's message!


So many things of this world's dangers
try capturing lovers in their nets.
But thank you that Jesus frees from all snares.
He always helps his children call.

Chorus: It's so safe to walk at the side of Jesus,
His hand I hold each time and while.
Am I in the battles he will fight for me.
My life is on the rock solid reason.

When bad people are my life,
will force me by law do fine.
I show unto the word which is Givet;
When God is with, tell me who is against.

About doubt deep darkness falls on me,
With all the heart I trust in Him.
As soon as the glory home call me
All prices and honor to God's precious Lam. (Aage Samuelsen)

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