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No. 1388: About Jan Hanvold earn 1 Million or 10 Million, so I believe the God of Heaven cares "jot" as long as he lives in adultery!

No. 1388:
About Jan Hanvold earn 1 Million or 10 Million, so I believe the God of Heaven cares "jot" as long as he lives in adultery!


For me as associate i Berlin wall with DDR above anything. Wall fell on November 9, 1989 under the democratic revolution against the dictatorship in the GDR, and there are few traces left by it. But Hanvold head, so there are many tracks. Has a relatives from there so affected under this. Of course this is nonsense, but it is an evil spirit that affects over, so see a such thing!

Photo Berlin when we were there, Berlin is a wonderful city today and recommend a visit.

Has got so many feedback why I did not put me more in January Hanvold economy! This over several years, to this I have always been very committed, I think he's doing unethical. And he gets into 100 Million a year, and he says so himself, he uses 10 Million or 10% of poor people in Moldova other countries!

My main concern against Jan Hanvold and Vision Norway is really only two things!

1.) At January Hanvold fornicators, engaged in adultery and by the word of God an adulterer when he married for the third time as a believer!

2.) The theology or teachings of Jan Hanvold is glorious theology or prosperity theology. Where one should believe God for everything in life, but otherwise live as one would almost. This form of theology I find no substance in. This I find no support in God's word. And that Hanvold calls himself the Apostle is in my eyes almost blasphemous! He stands so far from this title that it is possible to come!

Focus unveiling!

It is quite possible that Jan Kaare Hanvold is the "right" side facing Norwegian law?
But he is clearly not in the right side faced god, either with their life or learn!
This is where my anchor points against Jan Kaare Hanvold always has been and still is!

No man with a conscience behave like Hanvold!

Hanvold after this program going to attack anyone, even his good friend vebjørn selbekk having a mother in the GDR - former East - Germany!
Then it is not easy, when an attacker others through their mothers and fathers! The man is in my eyes easier crazy as Kon Saul was in his apostasy from God. He saw enemies everywhere, when he lived himself right with God. He tried example. killing David several times. When he saw an enemy in him who was so well liked. But to do something about the sin of pride, and that was the real problem.
It neither would or would he!

1 Sam. 16. 21 Thus David came to Saul, and he was in his favor; and Saul made him very dear, and he became his armor bearer. 22 And Saul sent to Jesse, saying, Let David remain in my service! For he hath found favor in my sight. 23 when the evil spirit from God came upon Saul, David took the harp and played it, and Saul got relief, and it was better with him, and the evil spirit departed from him.

King Saul and Jan Kaare Hanvold are both apostates, therefore, the same traits go again with them both!

King Saul was evil against David, even though there was nothing to fault him for.

1 Sam. 19 9 And an evil spirit from the Lord came upon Saul, as he sat in his house with his spear in his hand, and David played the harp. 10 Saul sought to thrust the spear through David to the wall; but he slipped away out of Saul, and he smote the spear into the wall. That night David fled and escaped.

An evil spirit has also come across Jan Hanvold, therefore the oaths and cursing coming out of Hanvold mouth through queer tion and speech!

Jan Hanvold could have relaxed, leaned back and enjoyed themselves. It could also King Saul, but we read in 1 Sam. 16. 14 But the Spirit departed from Saul, and an evil spirit from the Lord troubled him. 15 Then said the servants of Saul to him, we see that an evil spirit from God terrifies you.

In other words, this hollering none And these overtures as Hanvold comes with. It is nothing but an evil spirit - demons - who acts in and on Jan Kaare!

A man of God - which is going through tribulations do not behave so once. Here is a man who gets 100 Millions of Christians in Norway for almost nothing! He should have been on one foot and gjodlet of joy! But what does he do? Going around with a fierce look, do not just look the devil in others. But he sees, inclusive Devil in vebjørn selbekk say mother who did come from the former GDR. But what does this have to do with it? Nothing, but when Satan works in a man, then one can see most of it!

I wrote in the headline the following: "If Jan Hanvold earn 1 Million or 10 Million, so I believe the God of Heaven cares" jot "as long as he lives in adultery!"

For me it is that Jan Hanvold not follow God's word, that is my objection. I have no idea if he's breaking Norwegian law, and it does not bother me either. It's something that the police and prosecutors to take care of, not I!

But what I care about. It is he who should be Apostel and shepherd's re-married and preach prosperity theology, that I find to be totally unbiblical. And this is also God's people should and should have put themselves into!

An evil spirit has come over Jan Kaare Hanvold, it's pretty obvious. Had we in Smyrna Oslo received a fraction of the Hanvold getting into and had we had a fraction of his supporters, I had stood on one leg and Jodl joy. But why? I have a good conscience with God.

Has been accused of so many strange things through the target vessel run. Is not that one, then there is the other. But for me, it's one thing that matters. Having it right with God, then comes also everything else in place!

Was going to stop writing against Jan Kaare Hanvold for this time. But just had to include this.
Since many do not realize what's what.
Hanvold sin is his biggest obstacle in life, that he is re-married as a Christian!

No. 868:
Newspaper Day and Anfin Skaaheim criticism of Jan Kaare Hanvold is just trickery staged the Evil of neglect where Hanvold stuck!

Jan Kaare Hanvold live in sin when he is re-married as a believer, several times!
Image of Anfin Skaaheim which obviously is led by the evil in his criticism of Hanvold when he ignores the most important and most serious to criticize Hanvold forIt is that he is re-married as believers and Pastor, it makes him disqualified to hold a service and spiritual ministry in the church of God.


To attack Hanvold that he has an African who is fond of moneyand that comes with a promise of healing and salvation if one gives to Vision NorwayCriticizing Vision Norway for this is rather timely. They have preached to all the years I know about itAnd why attack this Bayo Oniwindewhich is just a lackey for Hanvold?

HANVOLD cardinal sin and there he stuck is primarily that he has his path clean on the moralIt helps nothing if he gets money "legal" or "illegal"He lives in adultery anyway!

Newspaper Day and Anfin Skaaheim criticism of Jan Kaare Hanvold is to divert from what is important to criticize Hanvold forThose who ignore HANVOLD cardinal sin, that he is re-marriedThey go really in the Ondes service.

If a doctor had operated a person who has cancer of the foot and a scratch on his handand had removed his hand. What had been concerned whenNot a doctor, but a monster. It is exactly this that newspaper's Day and Anfin Skaaheim doing. They are busy with something that is totally insignificant up against that Hanvold is re-married and living in adulteryThat he gets into x number of millions does not matter, so long as he lives in sin.

I've written a lot about Hanvoldthen he is a role model for how a false prophet are. Here are some articles about Hanvoldthat one needs to read and heed.


No. 719:
The false prophet Jan Hanvold attacked me again because he signs and wonders following himErgo when he was untouchable!

Unfortunately, so is God's church been deceivedyes triplets deceived by Satan and his legions.

Smith Wigglesworth said that Satan has nothing to do, so he sits on the vast majority of churches in the sprout tower, to "relax" and he has the full and complete control.

The Bible says that Jesus is Lord and ruler of the congregationbut is he really? When such people as Jan Hanvold get to work freely without being denied soapbox and cooperate with him almost as one.  


No. 733:

The false prophet Jan Hanvold claims at the Summer Conference Ulf Ekman is betrayed and deceived by Satan!

Hanvold is "relieved" to be accountable for his own life, ministry and whatever he does because then I know of no Christians except us in Smyrna Oslo as he attacks to argue anything other than what God's Word says about marriage when Hanvold fornicators for what Jesus, Paul, and many of the Bible's men claimed was right for a believer to live by.
Photo of Ulf Ekman and his wife who meets Pope Francis 1 as Hanvold correct saying is seduced by Satanbut the most deceived himself, ignoring him. For a big, big delusion


No. 822:

Jan Hanvold divorced and re-married as a Christian - font he calls for adulterer - will send broadcasts from Minos funeralApostasy is complete in Norway!

Apostasy in Norway is not something that comesit is hereNOW!

Image of Antichrist that he might be? It is quite possible that he is homosexual, and when he accepts surely remarriage too. "The church" in Norway are more prepared to face than Jesus. Jesus says enough without passing the church todayRecommend my commentaries for Revelation


 No. 751:
From Fridtjov Søiland Birkeli to Jan Kåre Hanvold!

The newspaper Our Country had a very interesting articleor articles about Bishop Fridtjov Søiland Birkeli who lived in adultery for 10 years with his teen girlfriendAnd finally step down as BishopThe time now is obviously changed, but the basic features are the same. God's church is at its resting placethe sin be hushed uphidden and no one will know. "The Show Must Go On".
Picture of a whore buck that will go "free" in God's church todayHe has "succeeded" and "The Show Must Go On", Pastor Jan Hanvold


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