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No. 1383: USA election on November 8, the two choices are arguably Hillary Rodham Clinton preferable when Donald Trump morality and way of life against women, disgusting!

No. 1383:
USA election on November 8, the two choices are arguably Hillary Rodham Clinton preferable when Donald Trump morality and way of life against women, disgusting!

Photo of Donald Trump and Melania Trump together with Hillary Rodham Clinton and Bill Clinton when Trump married for the third time.

2 Tim. 4. 5 But watch thou in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry

First of all, believers should have been more vigilant in their choices and views.

When a defending a man like Donald Trump, indiscriminately.
Then there is a man with a women and the way to treat women on whom I will call for a consumer and a piece of "meat."
It's like Jan Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and other so-called Christians, which they themselves can "supply" just like a self-will, desires and wishes.

Donald Trump says right out that he as rich can revel in women and do whatever he wants with them. He also lived then.

When the choice is so bad, that one has a person who is obviously unfit for the presidency. So is it just a choice again, it is Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There are many reasons to vote, and let every vote. But here is the election really as simple seen from a Christian and moral standpoint. Donald Trump represents something that God's Word warns against. God's Word warns against the morals and ethics he both speak out about and live unfortunately then!

Donald Trump has "better" poltikk than Hillary Rodham Clinton in many things. But it does not help anything with the image of women he has, which is absolutely disgusting and sickening.

At Jan Hanvold, Jan Aage Torp and many Christian leaders stand and remarries as Donald Trump does, it's bad!

Donald Trump goes at least as far as Jan Hanvold in their statements. There are more than reason enough to vote for Hillary Rodham Clinton. Which, after all, has remained to her husband if he has been in with others during most of his life!

Of two "evils" is enough Hillary Rodham Clinton the best vote for!

Retrieved from the Web: Here are some of Trump's worst woman quotes

** Sexist descriptions
 ** Calling women for dogs
 ** Called nursing woman disgusting

Long quote career!

It is not the first time the Republican presidential candidate has spread about with what many refer to as misogynistic and sexualized reviews on other women.

Here is a sampling of what it could be the next US president has said about women in recent years.

1. Male magazine Esquire in 1991 after a period of much negative media attention for Trump, would magazine know how he reacted.

- You know, what they write does not matter as long as they have a young and great butt. But they also need to be young and pretty, he replied magazine.

2. He insulted a nursing woman in connection with a hearing involving Trump. The female judge asked for a break to breastfeed her three months old baby, something Trump did not think much about.

- You are disgusting, said Trump according to the New York Times article from 2015.

3. He made strong statements against the Twilight actress Kristen Stewart after it became known that she had been unfaithful. On Twitter, he wrote that her boyfriend should not take her back because she had been "incredible that a dog and would do it again"

4. Donald Trump ended in really rough weather when he fell to quarreling with news anchor Megyn Kelly of Fox News. She confronted him with his earlier statements about women as "fat, ugly, dogs ruffians and loathsome animals."

- You could see that blood came out of her eyes, said Trump.

5. The former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado accused Donald Trump for having called her "Miss Piggy" after she gained weight.

In 1996, the same year as Donald Trump took over as owner of the Miss Universe organization, was Machado from Venezuela named the competition's winner.

Trump testified such as accusation of Machado appeared earlier this fall.

- She's the worst we've ever had. The absolute worst. She was impossible. She gained massively and it was a real problem. Not only that, but her attitude as well, he continued.

6. When he was in the television series The Apprentice, he made derogatory statements about the female contestant Brande Roderick: "It must be a nice picture, to see you go down on my knees"

Changing diapers is for women

7. In a radio interview from 2005, Trump attacked the mothers who expected that their husbands would help change diapers on their children.

- Changing diapers is a woman job. I would never marry a woman who expected it of me, he stated.

8. Earlier in March this year, he stated that women seeking abortion, should get some kind of punishment, if abortion was illegal in the US. He later went away from the statements, saying that it was the doctors who performed illegal abortions, which should be punished.

9. In an interview with HLN's Showbiz Tonight from 2013 came Trump disparaging statements about reality celebrity Kim Kardashian when she was pregnant.
 Trump said that he knew her well and had known her for several years. He stressed that he found Kadashian is a nice person.

- But she has become a little big, said Trump, adding that she could not dress as if she were 54 kilograms.

10. Trump has said that women who are victims of sexual harassment in the workplace, should consider finding a different career. He took part with a former boss in the TV channel Fox news which was accused of sexual harassment. When asked directly from Christian Powers in USA Today about what he would counsel his daughter whether she was subjected to harassment at work, he replied that she hoped would seek a new career.

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