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No. 1373: Jan Kaare Hanvold went over an hour's TV program from being hailed by almost all Christian Norway, to be "black-listed", how is that possible?

No. 1373:
Jan Kaare Hanvold went over an hour's TV program from being hailed by almost all Christian Norway, to be "black-listed", how is that possible?

Photo of a multi-head troll vebjørn selbekk acting as though he claims it is I who is a Christian network roll.
I operate only with "a" head, feel the same if I'm liked or hated for my opinions and views.
Vebjørn selbekk pops up on Vision Norway one day, the next day he is the foremost critic! Yes, yes, so it is. Jesus was persecuted and hated, though he only did good and healed all. Can his servants expect anything else?

Acts 10 38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and with power: who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, because God was with him.

In the Easter drama, there are many roles. The disciples and friends of Jesus. The people who shouted hosannas. The people shouted crucifixion.
All they had to deal with the same humble, while zealous Jesus. Jerusalem stood at the head of those days. It was a city of around 100,000 inhabitants at the time.
But Passover estimates one that it must have been more than 2.5 million pilgrims in Jerusalem, and everyone was eating Passover. One assumes it must have been slaughtered 253,000 lambs for everyone to get enough.
It must have been a festivity. Many had to make up their minds about Jesus. Some were perhaps victims of an atmospheric wave that first cried hosanna, since crucifixion.
Are we inside the Easter drama and look carefully, so many will get a surprise. For we too have a role in what happened.

We see how the crowd could walk in from hosanna to crucify, crucify within a few days. Is it not almost identical Jan Kaare Hanvold?

Vebjørn selbekk called me a Christian web roll, but it is he who is not. A troll often have several heads, that he and not me.
I have been against Jan Hanvold forever. Vebjørn selbekk was for Jan Kaare Hanvold.
But after Jan Kaare Hanvold was revealed at the focal point, caught with his pants down both and then he called employees of Judah and would get ditto punishment!
So the tone is different, now he welcomed Jan Kaare Hanvold.
I have not changed, have not several heads like a troll. But it has certainly -Selbekk. Ergo, it is he who is the troll, not I! The set, hallelujah!

Poor bus driver as Jan Hanvold first gave 50,000 kr to decorate the bus with campaign Maldonado. Afterwards, when he had to in court. For riding while drunk, when he was left to himself! Poor people, we see not that Jan Hanvold has a consumption of people who are completely beyond?

In other words, how credible is this criticism of Jan Hanvold? For me, it's the people who criticized Jan Hanvold before the program Focal Point went, that stands up best. That now, more repent is well. But it could also soon be so, that here wags one to get the best out of a difficult situation that one has set itself. It is no longer "in" alienating such a vulgar and broiler as Jan Hanvold, at least for people who resonate and think!

Vebjørn selbekk was asked what he thought about divorce and remarriage. He replied that he did not know. In other words, he does not look at remarriage sin as God's word teaches. Here you a person who is even more ignorance than Emanuel Minos, who showed what God's Word said. But that did not want to live then!

No. 211: Our Land 30. 07. 2008. Debattinnlegg
Emmanuel Minos - An impostor?

This is taken from the Audio Mission and much of what I otherwise have signed opinion pieces have been lost when I have been shut out in all Christians debates I've been in when I hold up all of God's word and all truths. Be it the newspaper's Day, Our Country, Cross Victory (now KS) or else! Talk about Christian Democracy, it is governed by undemocratic and controlling people, sad but true!

Commented by Evangelist: Ove Ludvigsen January.

Emmanuel Minos was asked on Vision Norway by the couple Hallman from Sweden about: It is proper and legal for a minister to be divorced and married again.
Comment: Should be no problem with giving a clear answer to the question!

To this he replied that he would not answer when it was too difficult to answer it.

Comment: It is difficult to bring themselves to believe that the question is difficult to answer, the Bible has a clear voice, what divorce and remarriage is!

In my view, as required really only a yes or no, and no is the biblical answer.

Comment: One has to agree with Jan Kåre Christensen, that the Bible does not give consent gjengifting after a divorce. Emmanuel Minos would have given a clearer answer to this question, a little more full-bodied and rich, content rewarding. Comment in brackets: (Consider that Emmanuel Minos said: One man for one woman - Or was it the opposite? One woman for one man.) Whatever it is obviously such a marriage to work, no more neither one or the other way .

Is not Emmanuel Minos then with and legalize sin, and he is not fit to be a preacher when he is unable to answer such elementary important topic

Comment: What is the reason, why not Emmanuel Minos responded neither a "YES" or "NO?" Is not easy to answer, therefore it can be somewhat difficult to take a definite position on the matter. Therefore, it is also difficult to determine whether he is fit to be a minister, or not, but he should at least have given a clear answer. "Yes or no! "Will be too far to walk, if one says that he is not fit to be a preacher, he is after all the brightest of Pentecostal preachers surviving during this time.

Our Countries 30. 07. 2008. Debattinnlegg: Jan Kåre Christensen.

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